viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

rough trade

 A parte de the Fly,en los ultimos años la lista de la tienda del mitico sello Rough Trade,suele guiar a los tabloides britanicos,al menos elaño pasado fue asi...Ellos son atrevidos,el 3 el Sr Vile y  5 Mrs PJ que saldran en casi todas y luego una serie de discos que ellos tienen exclusiva.Para abrir boca.

1 Josh t pearson -last of the country gentlemen
2 Nicolas jaar -space is only noise
3 Kurt vile -smoke ring for my halo
4 Gillian welch -the harrow and the harvest
5 pj harvey -let england shake
6 veronica falls -veronica falls
7 Zomby- dedication
8 John Maus -we must become the pitiless censors of ourselves
9 The head and the heart- the head and the heart
10 White hills -h-p1
11 Sbtrkt -sbtrkt
12 Lykke li -wounded rhymes
13 Metronomy -the english riviera
14 Anna Calvi  -anna calvi
15 Bon iver -bon iver, bon iver
16 Pollyn -living in patterns
17 Beirut -the rip tide
18 Ema- past life martyred saints
19 Cults -cults
20 Balam acab -wander / wonder
21 Ghostpoet -peanut butter blues and melancholy jam
22 Lanterns on the lake -gracious tide take me home
23 Drive by truckers -go-go boots
24 Tom the lion -the adventures of tom the lion
25 Civil wars -barton hollow
26 Emmy -the great virtue
27 The low anthem -smart flesh
28 Black lips -arabia mountain
29 Seahawks -invisible sunrise
30 Ricardovillalobos  and max loderbauer -re: ecm
31 Jeb loy -the jeb loy nichols special
32 Wild beasts- smother
33 Yuck -yuck
34 Hollie Cook  -hollie cook
35 wooden shjips -west
36 Tom waits  -bad as me
37 Sarabeth tucek  -get well soon
38 Still corners -creatures of an hour
39 Dum dum girls -only in dreams
40 Arctic monkeys -suck it and see
41 Wilco -the whole love
42 The stepkids -the stepkids
43 Washed out -within and without
44 The leisure society -into the murky water
45 Mara Carlyle - floreat
46 Iceage -new brigade
47 Dawes -nothing is wrong
48  James Blake -james blake
49 The vaccines -what do you expect from the vaccines
50 Peaking lights -936

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