sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Discos del año uncut 2010 (50 UNCUT BEST ALBUMS 2010)

11-The Big Do Do-Drive By Truckers
12-Hidden-These New Puritans
13-Contra-Vampire Weekend
14-High Violet-The National
15-Field music (Measure)-Field Music
16-I´m new here-Gil Scott-Heron
17-Your Future our clutter-The Fall
18-Plastic beach-Gorillaz
19-Postcards from a young man-Manic Street Preachers
20-Returnal-Oneohtrix Point Never
21-Tennessee and other stories...Hans Chew
23-Shadows-Teenage Fun Club
24-Too long in this condition-Alasdair Roberts
26-Tin Can Trust-Los Lobos
27-Voice Of The Seven Thunders - Voice Of The Seven Thunders
28-Brothers-The Black Keys
30-Cosmogramma-Flying Lotus

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